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Bullets, Rounds & Cartridges

Is it a bullet ? a round ? or a cartridge ?.  These names are often used incorrectly so let’s look at a good way to describe it all. A bullet is a projectile that can be made of metal alloy or lead. A round of ammunition comprises the bullet, case (usually brass but can […]

Calibres – The .308 vs .762

.308 and .762 are calibres of ammunition and rifles. On a Firearms Certificate you may be permitted to own a .308 rifle but you may notice that your ammunition is .308/.762 (so you could buy either) Why is this ? Once upon a time there were only muzzle loading rifles.  The bullet and black powder […]

The Clubhouse

The clubhouse itself is open 51 weekends over the year with shooting on at least 40 of them.  We hold regular guest shoots, allowing members to intruduce their family and freinds to the joy of shooting sports. We cater on shoot days and for affiliate club functions, favouring game meats alongside the more usual shooting […]

OSM History

Historically the OSM has been known as the club that specialises  in Scoped Rifle Shooting, McQueen and Fieldcraft,  as well as Shotgun expertise and excellent training. The McQueen shooting and training is supported by C.Sgt.Jan Berry, who has won a trophy or two at the Imperial Meetings.  He runs regular courses in this challenging discipline, […]

The Old Sergeants Mess S.C.

The Old Sergeants Mess is a vibrant, happy and sociable club, dedicated to the sport of shooting. Our members tend to be individuals who enjoy shooting, whether for competition, practice, or as quality time with themselves after a busy work schedule. The Old Sergeants Mess Shooting Club (OSMSC), offers members, regular shooting (3 or 4 […]

Hedgehog Hut

By Jo Archer, Feb 23 2019 07:21PM So, finally we are successful at a bid for accomodation on site. !!. Over the years we have bid on the building next door (now Hogleas), One of the smaller cabins, Bullet Lodge, Atholl Row and the English XX. A successful bid has been slow but I am […]