The Clubhouse

The clubhouse itself is open 51 weekends over the year with shooting on at least 40 of them.  We hold regular guest shoots, allowing members to intruduce their family and freinds to the joy of shooting sports.

We cater on shoot days and for affiliate club functions, favouring game meats alongside the more usual shooting offerings.

We have this web-site, a facebook page, twitter account and we use email to contact our members, but above all this technology, we love a good chat at the bar, long discussions on the lastest shooting gadgets, friendly banter in the armoury, a beer on the excellent verandah and whats more, the kettle is always ready for a warming cup of tea or coffee.

The club is the first on the right as you enter the Bisley NSC site and we can be contacted on or 01483 799998.  We welcome visitors every weekend, so please do join us for a beer or a brew when you are on camp.

Wishing you all good, safe shooting  !

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