OSM History

Historically the OSM has been known as the club that specialises  in Scoped Rifle Shooting, McQueen and Fieldcraft,  as well as Shotgun expertise and excellent training.

The McQueen shooting and training is supported by C.Sgt.Jan Berry, who has won a trophy or two at the Imperial Meetings.  He runs regular courses in this challenging discipline, encouraging others to complete and improve their skills.  The OSMSC and the British Sniper Club are now affiliated, allowing us to develop our expertise and take this sport further in 2015.

Fieldcraft is another specialist skill.  A good shot has developed fine shooting skills, keen senses and intuition.  Unlike competition where you get sighting shots and 10 tries, the Field Shooter spends many hours looking for a suitable target and may only use 2 rounds per month on cold barrels.

Over the last 3 years, we have developed our reputation in Gallery Rifle.   We have also expanded into the world of Shotguns.  Under the expert eyes of Dan Archer, we have regular summer shoots in DTL, Skeet and Trap, and winter shooting at 4 sporting layouts in the Surrey area.  We also offer Black Powder in association with London All Guns and target shotgun with the support and guidance of James Harris. Pistol shooting is available on our regular trips to Northern Ireland & Poland.

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