Vermin Course

Vermin Shooting Courses

For people who need to control vermin, we have a course that covers all the basics of safety, identfication of quarry, the law and the right calibre /ammo to use.

This is a full day course )8+ hours).  In the morning you have the theory and the law relating to of all things vermin.  In the afternoon there is a practical demonstration in the use of vehicles for night shooting and the necessary equipment to take with you. In the evening we go to a local farm to identify and shoot at various simulated targets.

This is a useful course for anyone interested in, or needing to, control thier own vermin problems safely and efficiently.

This course is led by David and Dan.  They are open honest about the whole field of vermin shooting and its related issues.  They have so much experience that its worth the day just to pick their brains on this subject.