About the club

The Old Sergeants Mess  is a happy, vibrant and sociable club dedicated to the sport of shooting.

The club is Home Office Approved, so we can accept membership applications from people new to shooting sports, as well as those more seasoned shooters. We have over 250 members with more joining all the time.

The Old Sergeants Mess Shooting Club (OSMSC) offers members, regular shooting (3 or 4 times a month), tuition in a variety of disciplines (Rifles and Shotguns), probationary courses, support for all shooting activities, corporate events and a character clubhouse.  All this with firearms storage, armoury services, quality catering and member services, making the OSMSC an excellent place to be.

Dan Archer

Dan started shooting with his father at 8 years old. His father was a serving solider in Germany, so Dan grew up around guns and has dedicated his life to shooting excellence.

For many years Dan competed in Shotgun competitions around the country, specialising in Helise and Sporting, achieving recognition amongst his peers. Dan was he Chief Coach at the NCSC Bisley for many years before taking over ownership of the OSM. Dan is an RFD (Registered Firearms Dealer) and an accomplished Rifle and Pistol shooter.

Dan teaches the probationary courses as well as the Vermin and Target shotgun.

Jo Archer

Jo started her shooting journey in 1990 at the Surbiton Postal Rifle Club. After meeting a more experienced shooter in 2000 her skills developed until in 2003 she took over the Hunters lodge rifle club. In 2008 the club was restructured into what is now the OSM.  Jo shoots Long Barrel Pistol,  Gallery Rifle, Full Bore .223 & .17, DTL & Sporting shotgun. Jo’s rifles are often colourful with a little bling. Jo is married to Dan Archer and between them they own and run the club.

Andy Skinner

Andy is our principal RCO at the OSM and has a background in the military. He’s skilled, friendly and a great asset to the club and shooting as a whole.

Andy started shooting on his parents farm as a child.  He went into the military at 19 and spent many years in the Royal Corp of Transport.

Andy is a firm but fair RCO who makes sure that we run a safe, organised and fun range.

Jan Berry

Jan has had a long and varied military career and has seen more of the world than Fed-ex. With experience as a marksmanship instructor at Birmingham University Officer Training Corps he has taught hundreds to shoot safely and accurately over the years. He has won many awards for shooting including the coveted Entente Cordiale.

Jan runs our McQueen training courses and often RCO’s the McQueen range days.