Hedgehog Hut

By Jo Archer, Feb 23 2019 07:21PM

So, finally we are successful at a bid for accomodation on site. !!. Over the years we have bid on the building next door (now Hogleas), One of the smaller cabins, Bullet Lodge, Atholl Row and the English XX. A successful bid has been slow but I am delighted to say that it all worked out quite nicely in the end.

Hedgehog hut is at the end of Elcho Road, just before you pass the blue and white striped cabins, on the left hand side. It has plenty of room at the front for cars, BBQ and a little seperation from the caravans. It is a 2 bedroom bungalow, with a double bed (sealy posturpaedic with gel topper :)), single bedroom, lounge with sofa bed, kitchenettte and bathroom. The verandah has a big ol’ leather chair on it with a foot stool and it will soon have a gun cleaning bench. We have furnished it in an eclectic style. A mix of steel grey shooting theme, tactile fabrics, candles and a splash of colour. The TV works now and we will soon have its own internet supply.

When I am away for a day or two I want to stay in a place that suits my purpose, allows me to work and comforts me at the end of the day. I think we have achieved this with the gun lockers, gun cleaning bench, access to the ranges, internet, table to work at, TV, bathroom, kitchenette and a cosy bedroom thats warm and inviting. The whole place has a good feel to it, but I credit that to the previous occupant and the lovely chap who was doing the painting and decorating. This place has been loved and you can feel it when you go in there. Maybe its a girl thing, but I like to feel safe and warm in a clean and cared for home, even if the stay is just for a day or two.

From the bedroom window you can see Stickledown :). Well you can see just enough of it to know if you have missed the hooter and everyone is shooting without you ……oops. Its a short walk round the building to Stickledown, Melville, Butt Zero, The Clays and Bisley Shooting Gound (or whatever they will be calling it in the future. To me it will always be the Old Council Club, even if it has been very expensive to use ;).

To the left of Hedgehog is Cheylesmore. Behind it is the Air Rifle layout and BSRC. Perfect position really.

I have my little day dreams about the BBQ’s that might be held there, the memories that people will create and the friends who will tell tales about “that evening in the Imperial meeting”. To that end we have a multi-picture frame that we invite our future residents of Hedgehog to add their pictures.

Hedgehog is perfect for a cabin share. It makes the stay really economical and adds to the fun.

It amuses me so much to read on the facebook group that someone feels we are part of the “gentrification of Bisley”. When I first came to Bisley 17 years ago, the showers were deeply connected to the local plant life and full of insects. The camping spaces were mostly in puddles, the basic accomodation allowed you close contact with your neighbours bodily function noises, you had to bring your own bedding and the markers were often worrying. If Hedgehog Hut is contributing to a more civilised stay at Bisley, then gentrification is a fabulous step forward.

We need to upgrade generally if we are to attract more people into our sport, particularly women and children. If shooting at Bisley is to have a future, then it needs to be a good place for everyone.

Hedgehog is a fabulous bungalow with a touch of class. So, give it a chance if you are staying at Bisley. Tell your friends, tell your colleagues and tell us what you like or dont like.

Happy shooting.



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